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One hour free consultation with a Fortinet certified professional for every purchase order *.
* Limit one free hour per company.
Professional Services
Engineering and Planning Services

Network Design and Integration Optimizes the integration of the Fortinet solution and advises on proposed design solutions.
Design and Configuration Review Paper review of design documentation and accompanying configuration files.
Design and Configuration Validation Implement customer-specific test plans with focus on verifying business-centric end-state.

Firewall Migration and Replacement Project Provides “production-to-production” project support for customers migrating from a third-party vendor.
Software Upgrade and Platform Migration Project Assures a software upgrade or hardware migration.
Technical Design Authority and Implementation Provides a design lead throughout the project to ensure any issues that may arise are tracked and resolved.
Service Operations Services

FortiGate Health Check Operational performance review to identify needed improvements and provide configuration-tuning recommendations.
Security Hardening Hardening procedures specific to specific platform and specific firmware version.
Compliancy Audit Preparation Written guidance on audit and compliance processes for the deployed solution, including configuration baselines per compliance objectives such as PCI and HIPPA.

Configuration Verification Recalibrates, restructures, or redesigns the customer’s solution so that it is optimally deployed to meet current demands.
Lab Testing and Validation Conducts functional testing ahead of a planned design or configuration change for a more predictable and measurable outcome.
Dedicated Resource Service Ongoing operational technical assistance by a Fortinet certified engineer, either remotely or on-site.

Custom Training on Deployed Solution Provides tailored training on a design solution created by Fortinet Professional Services.
Wireless: Assess To handle change in client count and wireless usage, this service intelligently evolves the network through soft adjustments and verified infrastructure enhancements.
Wireless: Wellness Analyzes and resolves challenges experienced on deployed Wi-Fi networks to determine root cause and optimization options.
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